Findings out of the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2012

The annual Canadian Cardiovascular Congress took place between October 26 and 31 in Toronto this year.  The Toronto Star covered the conference and a number of interesting findings appeared in press releases this past week.

Especially worth a read are how three prominent cardiologists keep their own hearts healthy.

What are the main things they do? It should come as no surprise when they say they…eat a healthy diet and exercise!

Some other interesting findings that were presented at the conference were the positive effects that  exercise had on cognitive function.

And one that I’m sure will garner debate on the pros and cons of the flu vaccine–how getting the flu shot may be good for your heart. 

Never Leave the Playground!

A colleague of mine sent me a link to a video of a gentleman in his early 70s who, some might say, has never grown up.  Besides putting a smile on your face, you will also be amazed at the agility, coordination, and balance of this man.  I don’t avise doing some of these stunts at home, folks, but after you’ve watched him you may just want to take up juggling at least.  He’s right about the connection between having an active body and an active mind–there’s plenty of research to back that up–and he truly is an inspiration for those of us who want to keep moving at any age.  Hope you enjoy. Here’s hoping we…

NeverLeave the Playground!