Gyms Intimidate Me

Dear Chris,

I’ve heard what you’ve said before about the importance of exercise and I find that the only way for me to stay motivated is to go to a gym. However, whenever I go into one, I cringe. It seems that everyone in there is trim, buff, and young. I am a retired woman living in the Toronto area and would like to find a gym where I feel comfortable. Do you have any suggestions?

Shy in Spandex, Scarborough

Dear Shy,

In the Toronto area, there are several women-only gyms as well as gyms that have women-only exercise classes, or women-only exercise rooms. You might feel more comfortable there. Alternatively, many churches, community centres, and seniors’ day centres hold regular group exercise classes. You may also want to hire a personal trainer to help get you motivated. I offer this service in client’s homes and also offer small group sessions.

Another possibility is to go with a friend. But you really don’t need to worry — I guarantee you that all of those buff young things you see at the gym are also shy about how they look.


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