Here is what some of Chris’ clients had to say about working with him:

From Doug, age 65, who told Chris when they first met that he only ever walked as far as his car in the driveway and never parked more than a few feet from any store:

My Cousin, his sister, and I parked the car at Greenwood and Queen St. and walked to the bakery and back. If you don’t know where that bakery is, it’s all the way over on Broadview Avenue! (4.6 km/7.4 miles).

From Ed, age 76, who recently began a fitness program after having undergone surgery on his pancreas and several months of recovery. He shared this from a letter he wrote to his family on his progress:

I broke the 15-minute mile this morning on the treadmill. Had been close a few days before but finally made it!!!!! Not by a lot mind you but I did have about 10 seconds to spare!

From Marjie, age 50, who loved canoeing but due to chronic shoulder pain had not been able to exercise, much less canoe this year. Together, Chris and Marjie developed an exercise program that would allow her to gradually build up her strength.  After reaching her goal, Marjie wrote to share the news:

Dear Chris,

Thought you might like to know about my trip. It was the best vacation I have ever had. The Nahani has to be the most beautiful, spiritual place on earth and to have been immersed in it, hiked, slept, ate and paddled makes me feel like I was a small part of it for a few weeks. Experiencing my fear of flying and white water and trying it anyway has given me a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Many, many thanks for your help in getting me ready physically for the challenge. I was strong enough to paddle the 370 km. hike mountains(slowly) and help portage the canoes and have a deep respect for my own aging body.

Since working with Chris I have greater balance, more energy and am stronger at the core. If I needed proof – I got it this summer while vacationing. I fell face first down a flight of twelve wooden stairs, recovered and landed on my butt–thankfully at the bottom. I only sustained a mild sprain to my left ankle. -Pat, age 55

When I first started working with Chris, I could only go up my stairs by placing both feet on each step. After only one month of performing his Staying Strong exercises, I could go up them one foot at a time. -Anne, age 78

Hello Chris:

This letter is to thank you so much for the wonderful work you have been doing with Pat, Michelle and myself.

You bring professionalism, knowledge, humour and understanding to each exercise session, which we greatly benefit from. I think the best testimonial I could give about my exercise sessions with you would be the observations my orthopedic surgeon made last week. He said that because of our work my skeletal structure is sound and my muscles are strong which, despite the severity of the arthritis in my knees, has increased my mobility and the prognosis for post knee surgery is excellent. I think that says it all. I am smiling and stronger as a result of your skill as a personal trainer.

We are so fortunate to have found you and working with you is not just physically beneficial but really fun – which is an added benefit.

All the best Chris,

Judy McEwan

Since working with Chris, my physiotherapist has noticed that I had a stronger core (stomach and back) and walked with more confidence and ability. - Pat, age 55

When we first started exercising with Chris, we could not carry on a conversation with each other because we were getting out of breath. Now, we not only talk to each other but laugh and joke with Chris without feeling out of breath. Exercising in a group is a lot more fun! - The “Cedarbrae” Group, Scarborough, ON

I used to think that walking on my treadmill was challenging my heart, until I started doing the aerobic movements with Chris and realize that I wasn’t working hard enough to exercise my heart. - Irene, age 72

I had only been working with Chris for a few weeks and my massage therapist noticed that there was more tone in my thighs. - Patty, age 50

I saw Chris because I wanted to improve my lower leg strength so that I could get up the stairs from the subway more easily. Not only have I gotten stronger but my weight dropped from 155 lbs to 142 lbs. For this, I’m especially thrilled. - June, age 82

Yesterday, I worked for 5 hours in the garden and didn’t feel sore afterwards. Before I began exercising regularly in my small group sessions, I would not have been able to do that much gardening without hurting afterwards. - Irene, age 72

My wife and I met Chris after deciding that a standard program at a fitness centre was not right for us. Chris prepared a tailored fitness routine for my wife and me, following a very thorough assessment of our initial conditioning and our fitness goals. We complete our exercises at home on our own time with only a modest investment in weights and stretch bands to reach our target conditioning. Through follow up assessments by Chris, we have been able to achieve measurable improvements in our overall fitness, strength and flexibility. We have found Chris to be very professional, very personable and very responsive. We recommend Chris without reservation to anyone seeking a personal trainer developed fitness program. - Bonnie and Bill Stewart